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20 Most Promising Education Technology Solution Providers of 2019 by CIOReviewIndia

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Campus on Click: End-to-end Campus Operations Management

We are very excited to announce that “Campus On Click have been selected as 20 Most Promising Education Technology Solution Providers of 2019 by CIOReviewIndia“.

We are in a moment to celebrate this success and achievement. We ensure you all that We will provide same service with same spirit in coming time as well. This achievement motivates us to do even better work for our clients and grow year by year.

About Campus On Click

Campus On Click is a smart school management system that offers cutting-edge ERP features for end-to-end operations management. No matter how big or small your institute is, Campus on Click can simplify everything for the management, students & parents.

Campus On Click is school erp system with intuitive user interface, simplified workflow, in-depth reporting and real-time notifications.  It has very user friendly design and navigation so end user don’t face any issue while using system.

For more information, Download brochure or visit https://campusonclick.co.in

Founder's Word

“We make sure that our end users don’t face complexity of any sort while using our system; we have been providing School ERP System which can be used by any common person, irrespective of how technologically sound they are,” says Kapil Dobariya, Founder.

“Our ERP System designed in this way that anyone who are using WhatsApp can be able to use our application. We have keep Rural area in mind. We will also give option to choose local languages i.e. Gujarati, Hindi,Marathi etc.

Our main focus area is productivity. With the help of Campus On Click, administrators of schools becomes more productive as it reduces extra daily routine works hence reduce the time and effort required to manage institutions and accurately organize school data. Collaboration is second thing which we have keep in mind. Campus On Click will help everyone to collaborate with each other including trust/management, principal, teachers, students and parents.We have dedicated and simplified modules of attendance, home work, school notice, class notice, gallery album, events, time table, downloads, exam, test, fees, courses, holidays, leave, remark etc. As We are supporting Digital India, We are storing all information in India Data Center only unless our other competitor. As per User Interface concerned, We have choose icon base intuitive theme as it will highlight features directly to parents without reading title and get hands on information about their child’s progress.” He adds.

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